Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Xylo: Unique handmade wooden sunglasses from Syros - love at first site :)

Designed & manufactured in the center of the Mediterrenean sea
Craving for the sun

There are times where a simple morning thought, is enough to change everything you take for granted.
The way you live your life, your work, the way you perceive things, your state of mind, in general.
We where lucky enough to witness a morning as such.To feel the sun's warm light shaping you and instantly an idea being born that very moment. That same moment, where sun dazzles you with its brightness. Since that morning our decision in making wooden eyewear was perfectly clear. So obvious, that since is the center of any activity, thought and philosophy of ours.
We started handling and shaping wood in various ways, learning new techniques and procedures. As we were training ourselves, wood started to train and educate us in its terms and ways.
We are thankful for every piece of knowledge we extracted from this process and proud of our creations. So, we place back the results of our passioned labour where we first envisioned them, in front of the sun.

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  1. To be honest, I don't think I have ever heard of wooden sunglasses before. They look way awesome though and I'm surprised that I don't see more people wearing them around. If someone could figure out how to make these on their own, they could save a ton of money on normal frames and still look good.

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